B.U.G.S.: Bill's Unbelievable Ghastly Spaceships / Alien Bugs Cramon Utilities / Stardock Systems 1998

Each decade has brought us new challenges - Flower Power, Punk Rock or designer underwear: We've survived and defeated them all and finally sent them back to where they belong. But now our oddest nightmares are coming true - a new enemy is sending masses of invaders to infect our computers, palmtops, dish washers and even some of the coffee-percolators. The only way to prepare for the final battle is to live abstinent (OK, this one isn't _that_ necessary), think fast, practice hard and - of course - use the appropriate training tool. Therefore, we decided to create one of the best training devices ever designed, which (as a side effect) is also: The Ultimate Arcade Game for Windows. So: Fasten your seat belts and blast your way through the hordes of mutant bugs, spiders and other nasty creatures in this original fast-paced galaga style arcade game. Dazzling graphics and explosive sounds meet you as you pilot your lonely ship trying to free the galaxy from Bills Evil BUGS. Features: Dazzling 256 color high resolution graphics using DirectDraw; Extensive use of DirectSound to ensure high sound quality (optional); Joystick and keyboard control; Beautifully scrolling backgrounds; MasterBugs; 50 levels on three different difficulties; RANDOM LEVELS (really powerful).
Alien Bugs v1.5 - Full Demo 28MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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