Into the Eagle's Nest 2001

This is the first castle of Into the Eagle's Nest (1987) DOS game remade in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It tries to make the AI the same as in the original game, where every enemy can see 360 degrees to increase difficulty. You need to collect keys to open some doors, but it only works on a specific door, not on every door like in the original. The goal is to find the elevator pass, activate the detonator and enter the elevator. The map files are included if you want to improve it. Installation is easy, just copy the eagles.bat, eagles.lnk file and eagles folder into the game's folder. Run eagles.bat and you're good to go. Changes in v3: Start from menu; Better lightning; 3 new maps; New textures.
Download v3 2.92MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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