Sunset Witch Angus Beer 2021

Release Date: TBA This is a Bullet Hell Platformer. The local Botanic Garden has been invaded by a Demonic Rabbit Cult and it's up to Sunset Witch to take them down. Platformer meets Bullet Hell - Platform your way through shoot 'em up inspired stages filled with dangerous enemies and bullets flying all over. There is one goal, but there are many hidden paths and collectables to find. Dynamic Easy-to-learn Combat - Demonic Rabbit Cultists come in many variations, some throw bombs, others hold shields, all fire bullets. Use the Elemental Blade to shoot them from afar or Slash Attack up-close for massive damage. Collectable Cards: Collect hidden cards and read up on the Witches of the past. Read them at any time and set your favourite as your Pause screen wallpaper. Speedrun Mode: Upon beating the Demo Stage you'll be able to compete for the fastest time. You only get one shot as all checkpoints are disabled, but your best time will be saved for all to see. Awards: Earn awards by doing different tasks. Each one shows up as a shiny display on the Pause Screen. Infinite Lives: Players won't be sent back far upon dying, so no more worrying about extra lives (except in Speedrun Mode). Interactive Tutorials: Every new ability shows a quick tutorial screen so that beginners won't feel lost. This game is compatible with Xinput devices including Xbox Controllers, and Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers. Other generic game pads should be compatible, but functionality may vary.
Level Demo v1.1.0.0 146MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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