Uragun Kool2Play 2021

Early Access Release Date: May In this challenging top-down shooter, you’re set to a task to control Uragun, the deadliest tactical weapon humanity ever created, and to fight for the revival of human civilization. You will face a large, varied roster of hostile AI machines that once served humanity but, at the peak of climate change and extreme weather disasters, turned against their creators. As a human being pitted against the AI, use your instinct, and adapt to new conditions, while enemies keep changing their tactics. Experiment and find a perfect combination of your rich weaponry and abilities, play with the environment, and use your enemies’ weaknesses to your advantage. You are a human, and YOU ARE A GUN. Become a pilot - Take control of a heavily armed mech tasked with eliminating waves upon waves of smart AI bots. Experiment, adapt and wreak havoc - Find a perfect weapon/skill combination and execute it timely, in order to outsmart and outshoot hostile swarms of AI-controlled machines that took over the Earth. Save your home - The level design reflects real-life major cities from across the world that have suffered from major climate change events.
Standalone Level Demo v5526435 856MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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