Shapeshooter NukGames 2020

This is literally an on-rail shooter, you'll have to clear colonies across 4 planets from a little creatures infestation called polygoneers. But that's not important, you'll not get a story here. You'll get frenetic action, insane music and a super hard challenge. You'll have 5 different weapons, all of them have 3 levels. Gatter OCTARINGS to upgrade them, and trust me, you'll need it. Besides a the polygoneers, you must watch out for traps, A LOT OF THEM. Look at the size of this saw, I bet it has at least 200px wide. Upgrades - Improve your tank to survive, there are weapons, shield, magnet, wheels and of course skins, because you need to be shining while destroying everything in front of you.
Download: None currently available

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