Zero Gunner 2 City Connection, Zerodiv 2020

Go through the 360 degree siege. This is a top-down shooter game that first appeared in arcades in 2001. The planes are three attack helicopters. They can use automatic normal shot, sub-shot and Drone Attack. The Drone Attack consumes energy and deals heavy damage to the enemy. This shooter has an important system of Turn Marker which becomes the axis of the plane's change of direction when installed. Master the Turn Marker system and prepare for attacks from all sides. You'll be surprised by the bosses attacks, transforming animations and 3D mechanical designs. You can set the difficulty level, life, number of continues, key assignment, and more. In addition, now we have online rankings. Become the world's best Zero Gunner. Planes include ComancheL Sub-shot - Particle Laser, Drone Attack - Iron Pecker. Apache: Sub-shot - Hyper Arrow, Drone Attack - Killer Ape. Hokum: Sub-shot - Little Hound, Drone Attack - Hound Cluster. Items: Power up with the "P" item; Get an energy boost from the "E" item; While not firing a shot, attract the "E" item. Options: 7 levels of difficulty can be selected. Select the screen filter from the normal +2 version; You can set the number of lives from 1 to 9 and the number of continues from 0 to unlimited; Assign "Shot", "Turn Marker" and "Drone Attack" in the key configuration. Score Attack: This is a new feature that has a very severe mode with a fixed difficulty level and number of lives; Compete in high scores and score attacks against players from all over the world; Online rankings can be viewed from the options menu.
Download: None currently available

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