Nightmare The Strangest Interactive 2020

Early Access Release This is a dystopian FPS where you take control of a Machinangel to incinerate hordes of synthetic demons. Leverage the power of time control, nuclear fission and demonic seals to ascend to digital heaven. Free Version Inclusions: Two Weapons - Pistol, Cell Splitter; Four Runes - Chronographic Suit, Cell Splitter, Full Metal Jackets, Demonic Seal; Two Enemies - Minion, Magmantis. Premium Version Inclusions (In addition to Free Inclusions): Two Weapons - Thunderlink, Chainsync; Two Runes - Generative Core, Thunderlink; One Enemy - Phantasm. The premium version of Nightmare is more difficult overall, but has some added buffs to allow the player to deal with the increased difficulty level. Both versions of the game are fairly balanced in tandem with each other. It implements a number of service level routines that allow you to change the outcome of Nightmare Epochs. Terabyte Ram Buffer - All of your actions are stored to a ram buffer, you can stop in time, reverse time or slow time down at will. Be sure not to use up all of the ram buffer or time will return to realtime. Cell Splitter Modification: A top-secret unreleased weapon in Nightmare discovered by Unreal6666. Take control of a nuclear-fission hand cannon. Demonic Coroutines: Our servers monitor your game, every so often we will override the Nightmare service and allow you to select an upgrade to your Machinangel. Extreme Weapons, Extreme Violence, Anime Girls, Guts and Gore - what more can you ask for. Its Nu-Americas favorite scheduled program. An insane amount of explosions. Synthetic Demonoids, Illegal Soundtrak and CIA Cell-Phone Taps. Online leaderboard tracks your Machineangel control rank. Heavy metal shooter fonts, unconventional design, serious fun for the whole family.
Free Game v1.01 531MB (uploaded by

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