Close Approach Abstract Worlds Ltd. / Crystal Interactive 1998

This is a 3D first person asteroids shooter which was the first 3D accelerated space shoot 'em up action game for the PC developed in Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB5/VB6/C/ActiveX DLL object models/Direct3D/DirectSound3D/DirectInput/DirectX). Despite past misconceptions about VB's performance as a gaming language, this proved that it was possible to produce an enjoyable, fast paced realtime 3D action game in VB. It's a true 3D, first person shooter, space combat action game where you had to destroy the asteroids before they reached the Earth. Although the game was available as a download, the game also hit some retailing shelves, including as its own individual product release, CompUSA in the USA (CompUSA was a bit like PC World here in the UK), and demo versions were also included in various retail Game Compilation CD products around the world.
ISO Demo 36MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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