Adaca Siris Pendrake 2020

After being sentenced to 20 years of conscription service to pay off your corporate debts, you find yourself woken from a long cryogenic slumber aboard the derelict remains of the warship you've been stationed on. You are now on ADACA, a “fly-over” planet in the heart of the galaxy’s rust-belt. The strange man who thawed you out has replaced your arm with a robotic prosthetic, capable of force-manipulating loose objects, including enemy weapons. This may come in rather handy, considering the law isn't quite fond of you or your new friends. However, the police won’t be your only problem. ADACA is a strange and old world, full of dark mysteries. There are powerful, dangerous secrets out there in the rust, and many factions are looking to uncover them for their own ends. This is an episodic sandbox FPS heavily inspired by games like Half Life 2, Halo and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with a heavy emphasis on exploration and manipulation of the environment to defeat your foes and solve puzzles. This current build features the Beta Demo of Episode One. Future Episodes are still in development.
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Free Beta v0.3.2 1GB (uploaded by

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