Headbangers in Holiday Hell Vikerlane / Hammer&Ravens 2020

Danger's rife in the Headbangers brotherhood. The bearded maniac, Santa himself, has you down on his naughty list. Your crime? Not having succumbed to the consumerist Christmas frenzy last year. You didn't buy your hideous wooly jumper. You didn't buy, gift and receive enough presents. And, worst of all, you didn't make a Christmas tree. You, and your fellow rebel scoundrels, are not gonna ruin the sanctity of THE celebration of the Santanic Kult. The Big Red One's sending his craziest minions to quell your non-conformist antics. Let's introduce them to the untamed power of Heavy Metal. Twin-stick roguelite action: Defend humanity's right not to celebrate Christmas. Zombies Ate My Neighbors meet Beavis & Butthead heavy metal comedy. A colorful arsenal of weapons: From a guitar axe, to a spicy water pistol, or how about a flamethrower or a vinyl of death? Overdrive weapons, because... Well, that's when the riff comes in heavier. Procedurally generated neighborhood for endless mayhem. Free your fellow Headbangers and neighbors from hordes of insane Christmas elves and other creepy minions.
Download: None currently available

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