Outcasters Splash Damage / Stadia Games and Entertainment 2020

This is an online action game created for Google Stadia. The gameplay comes down to fighting with other players on 3D maps. We observe the action from above, and in the fight we use various skills and power-ups. Over time, we unlock new abilities and cosmetic elements for characters. The game is distinguished by an unusual shooting method. Energy projectiles can twist or bounce back from the environment. Thus, the game rewards not only precision, but also creative use of the board and available skills. The developer wanted to create another game allowing for professional competition. That's why it's entirely focused on multiplayer mode. Up to eight players can play together at the same time via the Internet. We have different game modes to choose from. For example, Last Caster Standing is a "everyone on everyone" battle where the winner is the last remaining player on the battlefield. In Gold Rush the players are divided into teams and their task is to collect the gold coins scattered around the board at a given time.
Download: None currently available

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