Tears of Luna Sanae Uchinami 2021

Thousands of years ago, the phenomenon of "Tears of Luna" occurred, countless monsters flocked to the earth, the world was destroyed,This incident is also known as the "Sorceress Destroying the World". Now that a new crisis has emerged, will the tragedy of the destruction continue? The game draws on part of the world view setting of the RPG game "Final Fantasy 8". Danmaku+Arcade style STG, while avoiding the barrage, destroy the enemy aircraft as soon as possible to form a "bullet-storm-elimination" otherwise it will not surviveScoring method: 1.Destroy enemy aircraft and bosses to get points; 2.The number of all enemy aircraft destroyed in each level is counted in the Combo, and it becomes a score at the settlement of each level; 3.Destroy the enemy aircraft to form "bullet-storm-elimination", which will turn the barrage around the enemy aircraft into points; 4.Grazing counts as points; 5.The remaining time of the boss battle is counts as points; 6.Reward for "1UP" every 10 million score.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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