Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead Eric Ruth Games 2010

This fan-made game reimagines Left 4 Dead as if it was released as a NES game. It is a top-down shooter where you must go through levels based on those from the original game, battling zombies and special mutants, as you go between the different safe rooms that serve as checkpoints. Like in Left 4 Dead you have two weapon slots - one for shotguns and machineguns and one for pistols. Pistols have unlimited ammo but are slow and weak. You also have a melee attack that pushes enemies away. Holding down the fire button will lock your direction, allowing you to strafe or shoot while walking backwards. Killed enemies might drop ammo or health packs, which otherwise are only found in the saferooms. While you have unlimited lives, dying will send you back to the last saferoom. The game is playable with 1 or 2 players and there are two difficulty settings.
Free Game 19MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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