Firefight Reloaded 2004

This combines fast-paced, horde mode gameplay with gameplay features and customization from other Source modifications such as SMOD. Features: Fast-paced gameplay similar to old school FPS games; Blends in gameplay elements inspired by other Source mods, like kicking, aiming down sights, bullettime and more; Players can customize almost everything about the game, from changing how enemy spawners work to how much speed the player walks at; Endless horde mode-style gameplay; Fight vicious enemies from the past, present and future such as Bullsquids, Houndeyes, Hunters, the Cremator and the Combine Female Assassin, along with new encounters such as the Combine Ace; A variety of weapons from a Crowbar to a OICW, along with the ability to add in up to 30 custom weapons; A in-game store that allows you to buy weapons, ammo, and supplies with in-game currency that you get by killing hordes of enemies; A brutal gore system that allows you to shred enemies with your Shotgun and RPG; A whole host of add-ons and custom content created by other players on the Steam Workshop; Free regular updates which add new content and features to the mod; Players can optionally switch to older versions of the mod with the "unsupported" beta branch.
Steam Download (uploaded by Steam)

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