Astro Fury Dream Dale / Strategy First Inc. 2006

Jump into your single seater and blast a gigantic horde of alien invaders. Using eighteen different types of plasma guns as your main weapon and an additional eleven different types of rockets, missiles and lasers as your secondary weapon your little starfighter just might have a chance. This plays much like Space Invaders in that the player controls a small ship at the bottom of the screen allowing for only horizontal movement while an onslaught of enemy formations come into the playing field and attack. There are ten levels within each of the ten stages of this game with a boss battle at the end of every stage. Besides the weapon power-ups there are lives, armor and points to be picked up as well. All power-ups are rewarded for killing enemy units. There are forty different types of enemy units and they sometimes appear in quirky formations such as taking on the shape of a giant spider or a robot. There are also blocker units who will escort in blocking platforms to absorb your shots. To your disadvantage these blockers will allow the enemy shots to penetrate through and hit your ship.
Full Demo 12.7MB (uploaded by roioros)

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