Back To Earth Backspace Software / Alawar Entertainment Inc. 2004

You are piloting a captured alien enemy ship, your task is to get back to Earth with the ship. Of course the aliens try to stop you with all they have. Dodging through asteroid fields while fighting hordes of enemy ships would be an impossible task if you didn't have the slow-motion drive (bullet-time), enabling you to make your way through all the space debris. The game can be played via the keyboard, mouse or joystick. It has three modes of difficulty, in-game music and sound effects. It records the player's score during the game but there is no high-score table so each game starts afresh. The player's craft is armed with a minigun which never runs out of ammunition. There are three other weapons that the player can pick up along the way, the plasma gun, missiles, and a laser. Use of these weapons is limited not by time, as in some games, but by the amount of ammunition power-ups the player collects as they play. The player is able to switch between combinations of weapons as they play a level by pressing the number keys 1 - 4, this allows the more potent weapons to be saved for the end of level boss.
Full Demo 3.8MB (uploaded by roioros)

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