Zone Patrol Wiebo de Wit / Kooldog, Idigicon 2001

This is a shoot-em-up in space, mixing Asteroids, resource collection and spaceship escorting. The goal of the game is to protect your mother ship from the incoming baddies while collecting power ups and additional weapons, and fighting the odd boss monster. You can use bullets, rockets and lasers to keep the enemy away. The radar will keep you informed of your surroundings. A level is finished by escorting the mother ship into the portal to the next zone. Staying too long in the zone after the portal has arrived will result in the collapse of the zone (taking you with it, of course). The game was written in Blitz Basic 2D, and the graphics were rendered in Lightwave 3D.
Shareware Level Demo 3.3MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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