D-Corp Frogsong Studios 2021

Release Date: Jan This is a frantic co-op mix of a sci-fi shooter and a silly management sim where you and your friends juggle a turret defense system with the job of gathering and recycling any resources (natural or otherwise) you can find. Play with up to three other players in this light-hearted game about robots, alien cacti and attempts at teamwork. Features: 4-player co-op through local play or via Steam Remote Play; Avoid dangerous cacti and stop them from overrunning your base; Scrap all resources and carry them back to your recycler; Reload, maintain and relocate a variety of turrets to protect your operation; Fetch ammo in time before the turrets run out - throw it if you have to; This game was designed to be played with gamepads. Deconstruction Corp. tackles jobs all over the galaxy, and no situation or environment is too dangerous for our brave workers. As one of our brave workers, here are some samples of the many, many dangerous conditions you might be expected to encounter: Hostile Flora; Hostile Fauna; Other types of hostile Non-Recyclables; Malfunctional machinery; Functional but hostile machinery, Deadly pits (with and/or without bottom); Rivers of acid; Explosions, live turret fire and electrocutions; Confused co-workers; Angry co-workers; Fleeing co-workers attracting a swarm of hostiles towards you.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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