XQuest Mark Mackey 1994

This is a Crystal Quest variant, where you pilot a little spaceship and collect gems. The game is mouse controlled, but you don't control the ship directly. Rather, you thrust the ship in any direction and it retains its inertia. Once you collect all the gems, the exit at the top of the screen opens and you can fly through to the next level. There are obstacles like mines and bad guys of increasing difficulty that come out of the sides. You can collect power-ups such as rapid fire and spread fire. XQuest 2 is an upgraded version with: Two player support (alternating, that is), for that competitive boost: Three new enemies - the impregnable Vince, the dangerous Tribbler and the enigmatic Repulsor; Improved pixel-based collision detection - no more "But I was miles away from the wall when I blew up!" blues; several different difficulty levels - Wimp or Novice level for the beginners out there, Tricky or Inhuman level for those XQuest gods; Some prettier fonts; Some extra surprises on the higher levels for those who thought they had this game beaten; A slightly larger exit on the first few levels; New powerups; A nicer demo interface; Improved sound support, including support for high IRQs and DMAs other than 1; Joystick and keyboard support, for them what don't understand mice; The whole shebang actually requires less memory than version 1; Lots of bugs have been fixed.
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 585kb
Free Game 305kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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