Gunstorm II: Star Vixen Cornutopia Software 2006

Your sister, the beautiful princess Semele has been kidnapped by Kernag the Smeeb on the eve of her wedding to prince Caligulus. You have sworn to rescue her in your Gunstorm, the last fighter craft of the old league. New plot based action takes you to five different worlds to track down Semele, from the caves of Marrowmar to the The Deadly Asteroid Field of Rodix Draconium. Play more to unlock the arcade sub-games which include the classic Gunstorm 1 game but with the all new Gunstorm 2 weapons. Eight wonderful weapons: Cannon, Laser, Trident, Protonites, Ion Rifle, Flamer, Nova Rockets and the Phoenix, plus the classic Spider Bombs. You can carry all at once Doom style, and the balanced combat means that you get more ammo the more you shoot.
Full Demo 3.4MB (uploaded by roioros)

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