Outliner Cornutopia Software 2002

Remastered in 2015, Outliner is a wireframe shoot-em-up for one or two players. A variety of game types are on offer as you shoot wave after wave of enemy spacecraft. Lots of different game styles are included - Standard one player and two player games pit the player against waves of random enemies, increasing in number and speed. Onslaught, for one or two players, has enemy after enemy appearing until the player is defeated. Base Defender gives players a space station to defend, and other games include Arena Ascent, Target Arena, and various Two Player Melee options. With two player co-operative and combative games and every game highly customizable, it's the game of choice for fast-paced, accurate shooting practice, and for the ultimate modern variation of arcade classic, Asteroids.
Full Demo 2.4MB (uploaded by roioros)

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