AstroFleas All-Sweets 2005

You are fast enough? Find out your reaction, Find out your speed, Find out your dexterity. Space fleas threaten the ground. Awful monsters have appeared in space - space fleas. These terrible creations eat oil. Many planets have lost on their fault of the oil. Many civilizations because of it have been rejected in the Stone Age. Now this danger threaten the ground. All mankind assigns the hopes for you. Whether your speed, boldness will suffice and success to protect the ground? Save the Earth from space insects invaders in this classic of arcade games. The planet Earth is attacked by insects invaders, you need to shoot them before they shoot you. AstroFleas is a really cool looking (and playing) Space Invaders variant, which includes 35 levels of shooting action. There are several improvements over the classic space game including unusual behaviour invaders, and tens of new enemies to battle.
Full Demo 1.4MB (uploaded by roioros)

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