Ardein.Arise Alex Grade 2021

Release Date: Feb 7 The Earth is almost no more. Aliens destroyed its surface so humanity moved underground. But our planet will not stand more, we should leave it. We build the ark - massive mother-ship ΛRDEiN with thousands of people on board. We need YOU to protect it - prove that you can defend last humanity chance. This is a fast-paced action tower defense game. Control your spaceship, protect ΛRDEiN mothership and fight back against hordes of hostile aliens. Each day you will face new environmental challenges, new enemies to fight with and new leaderboard to conquer. Become one of the best pilots and you will be chosen to approach the final mission - save humanity from the Earth. USE YOUR OWN ENEMIES - Use enemies against themselves, build a defense turrets from their scraps and don't get shot. CONTROL YOUR PLAY STYLE - Change the way you play by unlocking new spaceships, power ups and buildable defense turrets to be the best. ANIME INSPIRED GRAPHICS - Do you like old space anime? Now it's in a game. EASY TO CONTROL, HARD TO MASTER - Game combat is pretty easy, but hides some secrets - find them to become a real space ace. YOU WILL CRY. A LOT - You are outnumbered and aliens will use many different ships to catch you, control you and destroy you. NEW DAY - NEW MISSION - Each day you will face a new enemies and challenges. Leaderboard resets each day too. Everyone has a chance to become the best.
Download: None currently available

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