Srilenko Kaneda Software 1997

An amateur shooter from Spain with naive art that looks made in Microsoft Paint. The graphic style is clumsy - the ships look carved with a few swings of the mouse in the graphics editor and filled with a gradient. It's mechanically focused on games like R-Type and Darius with horizontal scrolling and selective upgrades of ship nodes such as speed, missiles, lasers, shield, and superweapons. The better the update, the longer it takes to save up icons left over from knocked out enemies. The problem is that the game came out not only outwardly weird, but also very difficult - literally 30 seconds after the start we get caught in crossfire from all directions. And because of the chosen color scheme, it is very difficult to dodge shots, and here we are knocked out with one hit, thereby returning to the beginning of the stage. Unless you accumulate upgrade points and put yourself a shield, you are unlikely to last that long. Another feature on the list is the presence of digital music - and here these are tracks in a modular format with groaning and creaking samples, pressed to the minimum quality, in the amount of ten pieces. The soundtrack lacks stars from the sky - although this is perhaps the best component of the game anyway. The choice of options in the menu is also accompanied by the playback of speech samples. You can initially take any of the four available levels and any of the three aircraft that differ in the set of available upgrades and special abilities.
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