Gravitron X (cancelled) Dark Castle Software 2009

This was created to be distributed in the shareware games circuit, a 3D evolution of the previous Gravitron 2, and a tribute to the gravitational games of the past. The author at some point decided to stop development, evidently convinced that he did not arouse enough interest on the web. Thus, this little gem left unfinished is currently available completely free and with 30 playable levels. It's a nice game full of colors and with nice 3D shooter type graphics. You will find yourself piloting a spaceship with the sole objective of destroying your enemies. Traveling from planet to planet we will rescue scientists, destroy enemy installations, then we can head to space to start a new mission. Our shuttle will be controlled with the mouse and the WASD key combination. The game interface is not complete and the code may contain some bugs.
Unifinished Beta 35MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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