Saboteur 95 Alexandru Simion 2005

A programmer in the development of Saboteur (1996, DOS), returned with a revised edition in C ++ for modern systems. Before us is undoubtedly an updated, improved and corrected version. Most of all, the graphic part has changed: now it is possible to change any video settings, and, if desired, to dig with your hands in the corresponding .ini file. The latter, however, does not always lead to the desired results... In addition to the appeared support for windowed mode, the ability to enable anti-aliasing and doubling the resolution has been added. With the soundtrack, the situation has become better: now there is a title track in sane quality. Unfortunately, only this. The silence of the casemates of the enemy base will continue to haunt us. It is worth noting that now the monitors show the places where we open the doors. No need to run around the map and look for empty passages, which makes the process more enjoyable. Old version glitches almost entirely fixed (no slowdowns and crazy timer) - except for the one related to enemy hitboxes. But now it appears, fortunately, much less often. Saving (F5) and loading (F6) will undoubtedly please fans of the original, although, perhaps, they are some overkill for them. Otherwise, there are no changes in terms of gameplay, graphics, sound and music. Saboteur 95 can be called a really good arcade-adventure game, inspired by the original Saboteur (thus that from Durell Software). Yes, there is a slightly smaller map, sprites are taken from others along with some of the sounds, there is no choice of difficulty, but there is some kind of soulfulness inherent in all such games, which undoubtedly pleases. This creation has already gained a little less success in its homeland, but the fans of the original "Saboteur" liked it with a bang. Officially, of course, the game was not published on media and was not distributed anywhere except the author's website, but especially for our own (i.e. people who took part in the development and testing in one way or another) at the end of 2005 a CD edition containing DOS version, walkthrough and other additional materials.
Full Demo + ISO Demo 9+20MB (uploaded by

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