War Eagles Cosmi Corporation 1989

Release Date: 1989 The last in a short-lived line of low-budget flight sims from COSMI, this is a decent action-oriented sim set in World War 1. You can choose to play as either a British, or a German pilot. On the British side, you have a choice of 5 missions: patrol, escort, balloon busting, one-against-many dogfight (aptly named "The Hornet's Nest"), and single combat. There are also 5 missions on the German side that are basically mirror image of the British missions (e.g. balloon defense instead of balloon busting, and so on). In the balloon mission, you try to shoot down or defend a large floating Zeppelin. Hornet's Nest is likely to be very challenging for a beginner, although ace pilots may quickly take advantage of the game's nonexistent WW1 fighter flight dynamics to dispose of enemy planes.
Full Demo 142kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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