Swiborg: First Blood GulTeam 2007

The Swiborg ball is a zudl creation from the gamedev.ru forum in 2007. It is a sphere covered with the texture of an inhumanly stern face. The texture is already pretty brutal, and when pulled on a ball, it is guaranteed to make any mortal shit bricks. Thanks to his heartless gaze, Swiborg has become a full-fledged hero of computer games, websites and online communities. This game is about "the one and only" brutal and heartless Swiborg. We present to you a conceptual kitsch-shooter. Become Swiborg. Feel like other Swiborgs are looking at you. Destroy all life on your path with your look full of noble hatred. You can choose a variety of locations ideal for Swiborgs' bloody showdown. Congenital, unique charisma will allow you to easily overwhelm new friends. In difficult times you will be encouraged by a Gnome's square smile and a small bottle of strong Poison. Minutes of joy will be shared with enemies shooting you in the back. The world is where the slogan "brutality=heartlessness=infinity" is not just nice words, but the harsh reality and alternative is death. You get a techno-version of the game with a classic network frenzy, single player and Swiborg bots. But remember, this is just the beginning.
Free Game v0.20 + Patch 20MB+12kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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