Yar's Revenge Remake Robert Hoenie 2003

A lot of people remember the original Yar's Revenge well, originally released in 1981. It was an Atari 2600 console darling and had the most awesome cinema/TV advertisement ever seen and one that still rates highly even today. But what about the game? Thankfully it was as good as the advert. You take control of what can only be considered as a small fly (ok ok hi-tech spaceship, but it looks like a fly). There is a big asteroid/disruption belt down the middle of the screen which you can hide in to avoid being shot. To the right of this is the defense shield around the baddie you're trying to kill. So - shoot the shield away, hide in the rocks when needed and hopefully manage to defeat everyone. Just like the original though that's easier said than done. There are 20 levels to go through. If you shoot down the Boss while is attacking after the fifth level, you will gain a automatic life.
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 3.5MB

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