Aeropolis Fat Unicorn Games / The Game Assembly 2009

This is a student made side-scrolling shooter with a biplane as the main character, made at The Game Assembly. It is a work with a retro and relaxed view of the world. In order to power up the attack, you need to accumulate experience points (green balls that appear when you defeat the enemy) and level up. Even if the game is over, the level will not drop, so let's collect even if you force it a little. As the level goes up, missiles will be able to shoot, and powerful lasers will be able to shoot. Take items and temporarily power up. The thing with the arrow is Dangerous. The danger is dangerous. Since it is a physical strength system, it can withstand the attacks and contact of enemies to some extent, but be careful as it will be easily damaged if you get caught in the terrain.
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 106MB

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