Headcrab Frenzy! 1998

This is a dynamic mod which allows you to quench a desire to destroy these little bouncy critters to your heart's content, hold records, get achievements, and try your hand at cooperative gameplay, competing in public statistics. Two game modes, six maps, several headcrab types and gradually increasing "frenzy" scale which can be periodically vent - that's the crux of the mod. Is it casual? There is no doubt. But that's not so simple. To achieve high results and score more points you'll have to resort to various tricks: make combos, ensnare headcrabs, use power-ups (there are four in the game), and prevent other players from scoring, pushing them away by a secondary attack of your crowbar. Each map has its own tricks. By discovering them, you'll find out more ways to get high scores and take the first place in tournament tables. Game Rules: You start game with 5 lives. Every time you die, you may respawn, until your lives are zero. If they are, the game ends. When you kill 40 headcrabs, you gain extra health points. When you kill 200 headcrabs, you gain extra life. Your health is regenerating with the rate of 2 hp/sec. The faster you move, the faster the regeneration process is. Maximum number of alive headcrabs increases over the time. Headcrabs' health and damage increases over the time also. Killing several headcrabs very fast results in a COMBO. Combo temporarily increases you crowbar's damage, the higher is combo - the longer is increase. When you kill headcrabs, you gain "frenzy". Combos give additional "frenzy" points. If your "frenzy" is full, you may activate it with reload key, to do 16x damage and get extra score. First crowbar swing does full damage, subsequent do the half. Secondary attack of the crowbar is more powerful, but is slower. The amount of "frenzy" points got for killing by such attack, depends on weapon's upgrade value. If the secondary attack doesn't kill a headcrab, it pushes him away. It is also possible to push away other players. Every minute your crowbar is slightly upgraded - it does more damage, critical hit chance is increased, and "frenzy" mode lasts for a longer time. If you kill headcrab tracking you with anything but you crowbar, you get an extra score! This is called "Nice catch". There are more minor rules - just play and discover them. Game Modes: Ladder - different headcrab types are spawned sequentially; Random - all headcrab types are spawned randomly; Ladder mode goes into this mode after all types are spawned. Power-ups: Invulnerability - player is physically invulnerable for all damage types; Invisibility - headcrabs don't attack a player although still track him; Regeneration - health regeneration is 3 times faster (6 hp/sec); Lightning – while attacking, the crowbar periodically makes an electric discharge to the nearest target. The discharge has chain effect stacking up to 8 targets. Powerups last for 20 seconds. They respawn in 1 min plus-minus several seconds in a single player game. There may be powerups of the certain type on maps, or a random powerup - it may be different on every respawn. Server may turn powerups off or tweak their respawn times. There are 6 maps in the mod. After completing a level and learning the score, press an action key in several seconds, and you'll travel to the next map (in multiplayer) or to the start map (in singleplayer). To complete for 100%, you have to win each map for each skill level (easy, medium, and hard). Co-operative - Start the game after all players are in.
Download (uploaded by Steam)

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