Death's Cold Embrace 2000

This is a a winter-themed ten-mission campaign with a story that we’ve all heard before, but will hopefully feel fresh as it’s told through the dark world of Thief. You’ll sneak through a snow covered city, burglarize cold manors, infiltrate a frigid cathedral, and even find yourself in a dark, frozen castle. You’ll unravel a tragic tale of love and loss where the end is uncertain and even death itself can be denied. Welcome to the winter world of Death’s Cold Embrace. Bundle up, taffers. Dayport is cold this time of year. There’s a layer of spit and polish here just not seen in Looking Glass’ original, with much more detailed architecture, textures and models than anything seen in the original game. The scale of the environments is no slouch either, with a lot of new ground to explore and rob. One of the key selling points of Death’s Cold Embrace is persistence; several missions are set in the same part of the city, with familiar streets and buildings revisited at different times as you progress through the campaign. While every mission is self contained (there’s no branching storyline) there’s plenty to explore, with old routes closing and new ones opening up. To further increase replay value, the location of objectives and complexity of puzzles increases on higher difficulty settings, so even returning thieves might have to improvise a little. This campaign requires NewDark v1.25 or higher. It has German and French and Russian versions available.
Download (uploaded by Through The Looking Glass)

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