Zappa Roidz Ideas From the Deep / Softdisk Publishing 1989

Release Date: 1989 John Romero and Lane Roathe wrote this game shortly after accepting their job offers to work at Softdisk. They told the company that they were so good that they could bang out a game in Apple II and //gs formats in two weeks and have it ready by the time they started work at Softdisk (March 1989). Needless to say, they stayed up day and night and finished the game in time. Several months later, John Romero ported his Apple II version to DOS in EGA mode. You fly around in a space ship and you have to shoot all the asteroids and aliens you encounter. When you shoot a large asteroid it will break into smaller asteroids that you also have to shoot. On a map you can see where all the asteroids and aliens are. Your space ship can be destroyed by colliding with other objects. When you have lost all your space ships the game is over.
Full Demo 1MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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