Private Wars (cancelled) TS Group Entertainment / 1C Entertainment 1998

This takes place not in fictional game universe of mega-corporations and hideous villains, but in our real world of 1990s. If you think there's not too many exciting places to go and people to meet in real world, you are definitely wrong. In this game, you'll deal with a dozen of various threats, from sinister barons of Colombian drug empires to the Middle Eastern terrorists. Industrial espionage, VIP kidnappings, border conflicts... the stuff you see on your TV every morning. Now you have a chance to deal with a real enemy instead of alien aggressors. The game begins with you, as a former secret service executive, founding a private mercenary agency doing any small-scale para-military operations. Your primary goal is to make money, and you cannot make money by picking and choosing. You work on whatever pays well, and your VIP clients are sure ready to pay, if you do your job right. If you don't do it right, you're in serious trouble. If you avoid serious trouble and earn money and fame, in time your clients may start offering you more important assignments, which pay great and also have a great chance to get your people killed. Those who survive gain experience and perform slightly better in their relative fields of expertise. You can voluntarily accept or reject any mission offered to you. However, the trick is you never know which mission is good for your reputation and which will make you known as a cold-blooded murderer. Sometimes it depends only on your actions. Try slaughtering innocent people in an assassination mission, and the next client will be less than willing to accept your services. Your main character is a former secret service executive who's trying to start his own business after his all too early retirement. The only thing he's learned to do really well is to plan small-scale military operations. So he decides to start his own mercenary business company. His mentality is completely beyond political and moral standards; he thinks in terms of profit and losses. In his opinion, reputation is not determined by number of victories, but by number of zeroes in the received pay check. The game is a sequence of a fixed number of pre-defined missions. Before starting a mission, you have to decide whom of the available mercenaries you're going to send to do the job, how much you'll pay them, settle their equipment, transportation means, medical insurance etc. etc. When your team is ready and equipped, you send it to the mission. Visually, the missions themselves are looking much alike any modern 3D-shooter levels. Terrain, constructions and enemies are modeled in full 3D, and while controlling any of the mercenaries in the field, any dedicated Quake player should feel at home. However, there's a slight but critical difference - it's virtually impossible to complete any of the missions alone, even playing the top-class mercenary with the best equipment. Strategic thinking and team cooperation are the terms you have to learn by heart if you want to be a Private Wars winner. You cannot do much alone on a real battlefield, whatever Star Wars fans may say. To win a battle in Private Wars, you have to control all of the mercenaries in the field, instead of a single Supermarine. Speaking of 'real', the game gets as real as you want it to be. Virtually any feature in the game can be customized according to the player's preferences. You can play in Arcade mode where your mercenaries survive grenade explosions, medical kits miraculously restore health to the full, term 'weapon jam' is just a joke, and enemies drop like flies under your unlimited firepower. If you're in for 'game realism', you can select the Simulation mode, and enjoy death after the first bullet hits your face, and be unable to carry twelve different guns with a box of ammo for each, and drown in water, and break both your legs jumping from four-meter-high ledges. The game was cancelled before completion but there is a playable early demo available.
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