Hero of Not Our Time Hide Head 2020

This is a 2D top-down action game with elements of 90s classics. The player will have to move through neo-noir dungeons looking for a way out, simultaneously destroying various monsters using magic and weapon, cleaning up location after location. Got home from school or... kindergarten? Highkey angry? - Log in, killed, Log out. Assemble unique weapon sample - A bunch of details and no customization restrictions. Create magic spells using your own blood - Spiritism and rituals will heal you and make you stronger. Implant electronic stuff right in your head - Different chips and improvements that might be connected to your skull will make your gameplay more fun and crazy. Dismember crowds of enemies - You will meet new enemies on your way, difficulty will increase over time. Ultraviolence stimulation - All that cruelty will be accompanied by energy EDM music in Synthwave and Darksynth genres.
Download: None currently available

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