Yakuza Remastered Collection, The Ryu ga Gotoku Studio / SEGA 2021

This is a compilation of three remastered versions of the Yakuza action games originally released on PS3+PS4. Included in the set are: Yakuza 3 Remastered, Yakuza 4 Remastered and Yakuza 5 Remastered. We follow the fate of Kazuma Kiryu, who, despite all his efforts, is unable to cut himself off from the Japanese underworld. In Yakuza 3 (2009) the hero hits the middle of the Tokyo gang war after a man resembling his dead father shoots Daigo Dojima, the head of the Tojo clan. The plot of Yakuza 4 (2010) focuses on the conflict for power over the criminal underworld of the Tokyo district of Kamurocho, in which, in addition to the "Dojima Dragon", three other characters are involved - Shun Akiyama, the owner of a loan company, prisoner Taiga Saejima and detective Masayoshi Tanimura. Yakuza 5 (2012) tells the story of the war between the Tojo clan and the Omi alliance, as a result of which Kiryu returns to the criminal path once again. Apart from him, during the game we have the opportunity to play Shun Akiyama and Taiga Saejima, known from the fourth part of the series, as well as former baseball player Tatsuo Shinada and Kiryu's foster daughter - Haruka. We observe the action from the third person perspective (TPP). In each of them we find ourselves in fictional districts modelled on the real districts of Japanese cities. While in Yakuza 3 we can visit Ryukyugai in Okinawa (inspired by real Makishi) and Kamurocho in Tokyo (based on Kabukicho), Yakuza 4 takes place exclusively in the latter, in the fifth part of the series we also get Sotenbori in Osaka (the equivalent of the real Dotonbori), Nagasugai in Fukuoka (inspired by Nakasu), Sapporo based on Susukino and Kin'eicho inspired by Sakae in Nagoya. Although they are open to the public, we can only cross them on foot. Each game is driven by tasks pushing the story forward, accompanied by countless missions and side activities such as karaoke, golf, casino, bowling or even billiards. In addition, the creators have enriched them with elements never before seen in American and European editions of prototypes, such as Mahjong, Shogi and Cabaret mini-games. An important element of the game are also fistfights, which are the hallmark of the series. We have to skillfully juggle available attacks and combine them into spectacular combos, as well as dodge and lead out instant counters. Additionally, as we progress, we expand the range of blows, which gradually makes us almost invincible. The Remastered productions stand out from the rest of the original with their more beautiful graphics. The authors have raised the resolution and made it possible to play in sixty frames per second.
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