Air Support Sergey Tkachenko 1995

This is a small arcade game where you play as a small aircraft that can shoot bullets or bombs. We begin our movement at the Government Building and move into the forest. In the forest, we meet alien flying saucers, spaceships, as well as robots. We are supported by tanks. You can fly both left and right or up and down. We can shoot bullets at flying saucers and spaceships, but at robots - only bombs. You have an infinite number of weapons, but sometimes you need to wait a bit for them to recover. The goal of the game is to destroy enemy alien equipment while protecting your tanks. When the tanks arrive at the alien lair, you win. If the alien robots are the first to arrive at the Government House, you have lost. You have three hearts of lives, after the loss of which you also lose. The game can be paused. The launch takes place in a small window. It's just a nice little game that you can while away 10 minutes.
Full Demo 205kb (uploaded by

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