B.A.D.: Blasting, Annihilation & Destruction Webfoot Technologies / Pseudos Software 1997

The people of the future, who gathered to conquer Mars, faced fierce resistance from the aborigines of the red planet, who had previously successfully hidden from earthlings. In the course of the confrontation, humanity quickly changed its role from potential colonizers to cornered victims. Well, then, following all sorts of cliches, a hero appears (that is, we) and sits at the helm of a combat spaceship, which must suppress the attacking onslaught of aliens and save Mother Earth. This is a traditional vertical shoot 'em up with 8 levels, but contains a number of original ideas. Firstly, the ears of the Space Invaders peep out quite unambiguously.: enemies attack in waves, but at the same time actively maneuver across the entire available area, and from time to time destroyers appearing at the top of the screen not only give extra points when destroyed, but also arrange carpet bombing. The opponents themselves are quite diverse: in addition to various insects (it is not entirely clear whether the aliens themselves are insectoids, or whether these are the creations of their cybernetics or genetic engineering), they are also represented by a variegated fleet of ships. The system of bonuses deserves special attention: after one of them is knocked out of the enemy, you need to wait until it reaches the bottom of the field so that we can pick it up, since a few careless hits can destroy it. In general, playing is fun and interesting. However, there are a number of ambiguous points related to the visual display of some objects. Of these, two are most striking. The first is one of the types of projectiles used by opponents: they are small pulsating blue dots that are not easy to distinguish against the background of the stars in the background. The second - from time to time, miniature asteroids, satellites and planets will sweep towards them at high speed. The reflex makes one instinctively dodge them, but in case of failure, collisions do not occur - these are just non-interactive scenery. As for the technical component, it is made at a decent level, especially taking into account the fact that the game belonged to the budget segment. The graphics are bright and crisp, and the dark ambient sounding against the background, coupled with the sounds of combat, provides an atmospheric musical accompaniment.
Full Demo 10MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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