Exit Secret Sign / Russobit-M 2003

Millions of spaceships, controlled by alien monsters, leave nothing behind. The planets turn to dust, the chains of constellations explode like Christmas tree garlands. The terrible Alien weapons sweep away entire galaxies, and the Universe is under threat of extinction. The most courageous space armies gave up before inevitable death, and only the Alien Hunters took an unequal battle. There is only one way out. Stop the invasion. This shoot 'em up has a perspective view from the back, a little from above (just imagine the famous "In a galaxy far, far away ..." from Star Wars), and the levels, albeit made in 3D, remain two-dimensional. The ship can be freely moved within the game plane, while, unusually, the player's weapon has a limited firing range. Opponents can already be seen in small dots on the horizon, but not a single shell can reach them until they get close. The structure is standard: level, boss at the end, then a new level. Our ship has only one life, but with regeneration - at the top left there is a "Shield" scale, which decreases with damage, and then replenishes. Upon death, the level starts again, but not the whole game. Opponents are also common: someone just flies and shoots, someone rams, someone attacks in groups, writing out aerobatics in space, and so on. The arsenal is also no different: we start with blasters, then we collect bonuses - and the ship's armament improves. Fans of shmups will clearly be disappointed with the low speed of the game and the complete lack of "drive", and those who like special effects in games of this genre will howl like a wolf. Yes, the graphics here are three-dimensional, but everything is so plain and cheap that you can even gouge your eyes out, and there is no talk at all about spectacular explosions and other things. The extermination of such colorfully described invaders is like a dull shooting gallery, but nothing more.
Russian ISO Demo 104MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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