Become Prey 1 + 2 Vladimere Lhore 2020

Become Prey: First Encounter (Apr 13) was an entry for HPS1's "Wretched weekend jam 1" where the objective was to create a haunted hunting game in the style of Playstation 1 games. What's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you? Barbara Jones spins twine to her drinking buddies. Remembering the reason she doesn't go camping alone anymore. Become Prey 2: Of Everlasting Sin (May 3) is the sequel. After coyotes attack her chicken coop, Barbara Jones decides to fix the problem the American way... with a gun. Help her survive what will become the longest night of her life as an old trauma rears it's head with malice. Explore 4 levels + 2 bonus levels. Upgrade your weapon and sneak through the night.
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