Eldritch Eclipse Matt Glanville 2020

The eclipse has woken the horde. You were a member of the Lunar Excavation work force... until the earth's shadow cast darkness over the moon and all hell broke loose. Countless tentacled freaks, awoken by the celestial event, emerged from the ground and lay siege to the dig site. Now stranded in the labyrinthine corridors of the site complex, you must blast your way to the surface and rescue your coworkers along the way. This short game was created over about 10 days for PROCJAM and 7DFPS game jams and later updated. How to Play: Find the teleporter to progress to the next level; Rescue stranded workers to unlock the teleporter; Avoid the other-worldly creatures. Features: Procedurally-generated levels; 3 levels; 3 weapons; A lot of tentacled freaks; Controller support.
Free Prototype v0.1.3 35MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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