Project Morpheus: Prologue Teamranger / Lightning Games 2021

Welcome to Project: Morpheus, in this prologue packed with around 1-3 hours of content, you will reprise yourself as EAST, and play your way in this world where reality and dreams collide. Features: Solve the mysteries, escape the nightmare; EAST, a veteran who encountered an accident during a trip, woke up finding himself in a completely strange wilderness; Unravel mysteries as you venture into this space, where secrets were hidden. Explore, search and manage your resources - Solve puzzles, collect resources, gather information and everything that can help you to survive. The special physical inventory system will future challenge you to fit items with limited spaces, and manage encumbrance at the same time. Plan your strategy, progress through the crisis - The use of each prop and every bullet is very important. Choose the right tools and strategy to face or escape from your enemies.
Steam Free Prologue (uploaded by Steam)

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