Remnants Kevin Hinker, Julia Daxenbichler, Simon Steiner, Jamie Nord, Martin Jenner 2020

Trapped in a cold and unsettling cave, surrounded by dust and darkness, a small light at the entrance of a tunnel catches your attention. Following the tunnel, full of curious lights and crystals, you find that it leads to an ancient ruin. Seven massive doors are embedded in the cold stone walls, sealed by mysterious runes... But where will they lead? You must defeat swarms of hostile drones to fight your way out of a crumbling ruin. Collect mysterious elemental shards to craft upgrades that can be used to customize the behaviour of your weapon. Take down your enemies by bombarding them with explosive lava projectiles, trapping them in a web of lightning, melting their insides with a raging firestorm, or engulfing them in deadly steam clouds. Experiment with different combinations to find your own strategy... And fight your way to freedom.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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