Remnants Immortal Hand Studios 2021

Early Access Release Date: Mar This is a open world sandbox survival game which offers players multiple ways to play, if you like playing solo, co-op or in online server with other players Remnants will offer them all. Tackle starvation, dehydration, thermal condition's, radiation poisoning, toxic gas inhalation along with trying to keep your sanity intact, shack up, cook some chicken, make friends or enemy's, discover and explore, learn and develop your skills, use strategies to build and survive. Early Access Features: Quest system; Clan system with expanding abilities; Airdrops, grab supplies and rare items to set your self aside from the rest; Dynamic weather changes; Player crafting system with the ability to queue up items before you have the resources from them, giving you the ability to plan out a sequence of crafts; Item upgrades and attachment system, gather up items to turn something plain into some thing epic; Simplistic User Interface for easy to use fast paced action; Wildlife from friendly chickens to vicious bears; Radiated locals, wildlife and elites enemy's spawns; Dynamic NPC events with rare item drops; Player base building system, build and upgrade to fortify your land against unknown threats; Electrical System, build generators to power your base or use them to power deadly traps; Player equipment system, grab your self a Kevlar beanie for those cold nights; with lots more to come.
Download: None currently available

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