Galaxy Guardian Royale Bl0ckDave 2021

Release Date: Mar 26 This game takes place in space, its classical Battle Royale mode. 50 players joining battle around solar system. Last player wins. Features: Control battleships which can be selected in lobby; At this moment is available at least 4 battleships, 3 weapon types (Lasers, Rockets, EMP-stun - All in 5 level versions), 5 level versions Shields, Healboxes and more features which will be added during lifetime of game; Fight and survive in battles, last man or team wins; Matches are form of battleroyale mode, contains zones, and loot areas; Teaming in modes DUO, TRIO, SQUAD, or player could play in SOLO mode, game is also in ranking mode; Elimination challenges - weekly and monthly elimination chalenges between friends and other players; Timed challenges - survival challenges; Customization - Player could change owned skins on owned ships; Get battle coins from challenges and battles to unlock crates which usually contains skins and bonus cards; Earn experience points to level up; Each step could lead for opening achievements.
Download: None currently available

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