3D Hover Tanks (cancelled) LippieSoft 1999

You control a hovering tank, you can shoot bursts of both shells and very-well-homing missiles. Enemies - the same tanks - are displayed on the small radar screen as red dots. You can pick up bonuses to replenish "health" or ammunition. The terrain is very rugged. The graphics are bright, with modern 3D acceleration for the time. Models of your tank (third person view) and the rest of the cars are made with dignity. Maps are completely empty in terms of the presence of static objects, except for a couple of sprite trees. The game consists of two demo levels. On one of them, even rain is realized and meteorological conditions (!) are set - temperature, atmospheric pressure. The dynamics of the gameplay are very fast, seriously addictive even on such deserted maps. Sounds are present and they complement the atmosphere quite well with constant explosions. A demo of the game is available but it seems a full commercial release never occurred.
Level Demo (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 37MB

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