Caliber 1C Game Studios / Wargaming 2020

This free-to-play shooter focuses on communication, coordination and tactics above all. Each team is made up of four different operator roles: Assault - Effective at short to medium distances. Perfect for those who favor an aggressive playstyle; Support - Provides cover fire for allies. A heavy weapon lover’s dream; Medic - Supports allies in the midst of battle. Ideal for anyone who likes to give a helping hand; Sniper - Long-distance fighter. Suited for those who can make a single shot count. Players can assume any of the roles and take on AI-controlled operatives in the PvE Spec Ops mode or challenge themselves against other four-strong teams in PvP. It’s worthy to mention that Caliber isn’t a twitch-reaction shooter; only tactics will help you in this theater of war. Players will be able to choose from a litany of national special forces, such as Poland’s own GROM, the US Navy SEALs and the Kommando Spezialkräfte. In terms of visual fidelity, every part of the in-game models from uniforms down to patches and firearms down to scopes have been recreated in stunning detail and are authentic to each nation’s special forces real-world loadout.
Russian Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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