Utauneko: A Shooting for xx Exprole 2015

This is a fan-made rail shooter in space that takes inspiration from Galaxian 3 and Starblade. Everyone, it's an emergency. Our army is currently engaged in an enemy unmanned combat mechanical weapon (BLITz). And earlier, I measured an abnormal energy reaction in the airspace under the control of the enemy army under surveillance. As a result of analyzing this data, the existence of the enemy giant fortress Euphonium was confirmed. The enemy army has launched a surprise attack on our army using a transfer device that seems to be inside this fortress. There is no time to spare. Our army launches a counterattack using warp navigation with three heavy combat boat conductors. Your mission is to escort the conductor with the Allied main fighter, the Midic Fighter, and send the conductor to the center of the enemy giant fortress Euphonium.
Free Game v1.12 ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 22MB

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