Raptanks DD Interactive / Bmm Gesellschaft, Modern media Ges.mbH 1998

This is a little-known rail shooter made in Germany but all in English. An evil genius has seized a machine which can make anything and with its help gave birth to a huge number of all kinds of monsters (dinosaurs, arthropods of incredible sizes, and so on), including several especially large giants, whose images are clearly inspired by the so-called kaiju - colossal monsters from Japanese films. You control a combat aircraft and must shoot through scripted scenes to kill appearing opponents and periodically come across bonuses. There are four scales at the bottom of the screen, two one above the other on each side. "Upper" left (with a conventional aircraft icon) - "shield", which in this game is an analogue of health; this indicator is reduced in the event of any harmful effects on the aircraft, but at the same time it is restored automatically and rather quickly, if we do not undergo new attacks for at least some minimal time and, what is important, do not fire. Below is the ammunition scale marked with lightning for the "basic" weapon, which is two onboard machine guns: de facto, it is infinite, because the said strip, although it shrinks with each shot, is almost instantly restored after that; no "recharge" is, of course, required. At the top right is the indicator again with the airplane symbol, but outwardly different from the one mentioned above; the divisions here indicate the number of "lives" we have (of which, it should be noted, there are quite a few). Finally, below it is a scale with a sun symbol, indicating the number of available rockets; this right-click weapon is much more powerful than the first. There are four types of bonuses. Something like a multi-barreled machine gun - "Power Up", slightly increasing the "base" ammunition; taking into account the self-fulfillment of this indicator described above, in fact, it is useless. The greenish spheres - "Extra Life", represent additional "lives". Brownish objects of the same shape - "Shield Up", the local counterparts of first-aid kits, restoring "safety margin". Finally, "Fusion" - the same missiles; this bonus occurs only at the last stage. All of the above items are usually lying on the surface, and to "capture" them you need to shoot. There are only six levels; on each of them we are confronted by from two to four types of opponents, plus sometimes there are additional dangers; points are awarded for the destruction of both the first and the second. Any stage ends with a fight with the boss, and after defeating him - the issuance of a password, which later, if necessary, can be entered by accessing the corresponding item of the main menu in order to resume the passage from the last segment reached.
2CD ISO Demo 314+481MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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