Hired Team: Trial New Media Generation 2000

This is a Russian arena shooter in the style of Unreal Tournament. The game is focused on online battles, but there is a single player that can be completely played through, and therefore fans of exclusively single player campaigns should not pass by. There are almost two dozen cards, all of them are beautiful and very diverse. These are futuristic interiors with unusual mechanisms, portals, elevators, pools with poisonous liquids, large halls and narrow corridors, and medieval temples with statues and stained glass windows, and castles. There are even levels in the old prison and the space station. On the latter, gravity is lowered, so in addition to fighting enemies, you will need to try not to fall and not fly away into the interstellar space - this will be counted as death. Since the game is focused on network battles, the campaign missions are not linked. The goal of most levels is to kill a certain number of bots, and the score at this moment should be higher than that of the opponents. Sometimes the player fights alone against all, and sometimes with allies. On several levels, the "capture the flag" mode is implemented, where to win you need to take possession of the enemy's banner and take it to your base five times. The arsenal is as follows: a starting pistol with infinite ammo, an assault rifle, a shotgun, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, a laser machine gun, and a very strange emitter. Weapons can be found both in back streets and hiding places, and in prominent places and, of course, picked up from killed enemies - while the player's opponents and allies can do the same. Recharging is never required. The graphics for the release year are great, but the individual map elements are particularly impressive. For example, some portals hide behind rotating mirrors. And one of them is raining beautifully. The sound came out no less good. In cathedrals you will hear the distant ringing of bells, and in rooms with torches - the crackling of a burning tree! And this is not in some kind of horror, but in an arena shooter without a single hint of realism and atmosphere. Everything else - shots, explosions and other sounds - is great too. Alas, the developers still found how to ruin their game - in the last few stages such a dubious feature was introduced as the state of the main character's body. So, regardless of the level of health, legs, or torso, or arms may be "affected", which affects speed, accuracy and endurance. The trouble is that it is at the stages where there is such a feature that constant bugs begin in the form of bots getting stuck and - what is much worse - a player in the floor - as a result, walking around the map, every now and then you come across bodies that are ingrown into the surface and hanging feet from the ceiling. If you find yourself in such a position, you will either have to wait for death, or replay the mission. Other problems also appear: for example, the recoil when shooting is greatly increased, which is completely inappropriate in this type of shooter. A revised version was later released the following year as Hired Team Trial Gold.

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ISO Demo 368MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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